About Me

Border Cottage Flowers was started in 2015. My late husband Bob and  I had always had a dream to have a piece of land and start growing. I had always thought it would be fruit growing as this was Bobs ‘thing’ but I’ve always been passionate about flowers and supporting British growers. I could never work out why we, as a country import 90% of the flowers we sell. The flower miles seemed crazy with blooms travelling half way around the world. I felt that as a country we should afford flowers the same as our food by shopping and buying local produce.

Unfortunately Bob died in March 2013 and a year later the kids and  I moved to North Brewham.  I was lucky enough to have some land. We planted ‘Bobs orchard’ with a mixture of apples, pears, plums and cherries and the flower dream began.

Currently, I have half an acre of mixed flowers, annuals and perennials shrubs and grasses.  My season runs from April to November. Outside of these times I may supplement with flowers from other British growers.

Hopefully soon I will have a poly tunnel which will allow me to extend my flower season.